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 Survey DQ's and No Credit

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PostSubject: Survey DQ's and No Credit   Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:50 pm

Survey DQ's and No Credit

1. First, dont get banned!

Read how not to get banned -->

2. Profiles

Read the other sections in this forum regarding how to qualify for more surveys:

Then go to your profiles and change them to reflect your new personality. or on PL  by clicking the Settings button top right on that wall.

3. Disqualification

You can be disqualified (DQ) for any number of reasons. You may get DQ'd at any time during the survey, beginning, middle or even after you complete the entire survey.

Sometimes getting DQ'd at the end of a survey means you completed it too fast, so take your time. They want you to read each question in full.

DO NOT contact SB to complain about getting disqualified, not only will they not credit you, they really dont want to hear it.

4. No Credit/Delayed Credit

Not all surveys credit instantly. Almost all of them will tell you you will be credited in some period of time, some say 3-5 days, some say 2-6 weeks. If you get credit instantly, great! but do not expect every survey to do this.

5. Good habit:

If a survey is delayed credit, you should take notes about the survey so you can follow up later. Notes you should make are: Survey number, wall (Gold, Dashboard, PL) survey topic, length of time it states to complete (or the time it took if none provided), and the url of the survey completion page (the page before the SB success page). Train yourself to do this as you take the survey, if you wait until the very end you will not be able to capture the url of the surveys completion page. If you like you can also take a screen shot of the completion page including the url from the address bar.

Be sure to wait the full length of time the success page states for it to credit. If it says 3-5 days, then you must wait the 5 business days before contacting SB.

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Survey DQ's and No Credit
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