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 Todays notes

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PostSubject: Todays notes   Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:01 am

Todays notes
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cherry    Learn some stuff, make more money -->

Swagbucks Notes

Like a Star @ heaven How to Earn more Swagbucks -->

Like a Star @ heaven Joint the Team Challenge! -->

Like a Star @ heaven New Collectors Bills set begins Wednesday, 10/22/14, please click the Collectors Bills link at the top of chat at for more info

Like a Star @ heaven SB gift cards on sale

Like a Star @ heaven SB has reduced app limits, please scroll down.

Like a Star @ heaven New post:

Like a Star @ heaven New post:

Like a Star @ heaven New post:

Special Offers

Like a Star @ heaven Jun Videos:

Exclamation REMINDER - For best results with special offers, use Firefox, emails, keep tabs open for offers until they credit or for 15-20 minutes (close after that), and clear cookies and cache after every few offers Not all offers credit, dont get discouraged, keep trying and you will learn which credit and how to do them.

Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven PLEASE READ for more info -->

Like a Star @ heaven Please use the scroll bar in the chat to find posted offers.

Like a Star @ heaven If you would like to share an offer in the chat you can mark them with the smilie . (just type in :dolla before the offer or select from the smilies bottom right of chat box) This will make them easier to find for people who scroll the chat. Remember to include a screen shot and instructions of how to get credit.  Thank you for sharing! You're all awesome!

Exclamation Special Tip (Especially for international users) You can find other offers that may work for you by changing the numbers at the end of the link below, so try 520, 519, 518, etc. After you get thru all of them, you can work your way up to find newer offers. Lots of offers will be expired, or may not work for you, but you may find some gems!

Mobile Apps - UPDATED 10/14/2014

Like a Star @ heaven  Todays SB app totals = 126 sb - numbers may vary if you have more than one account in your household.

Lifestyl.z = 18 sb
IndyMusic = 18 sb
sbtvMobile = 36 sb
Sportly = 18 sb =  18 sb
EntertaiNow = 18 sb


cherry Screw SB and their reduced limits, if you arent using the Perk TV app already please read -->

Like a Star @ heaven 10/22/14 - Indy Music and apps have updates to version 1.6. If you update your IndyMusic app you might lose your short favorite video.

Like a Star @ heaven 10/22/14 - Sportly and Lifestylz apps are now available on iOS

Like a Star @ heaven 10/22/14 IndyMusic, Movie, Sportly, and LifeStylz apps are available in other countries now. Please check your Google Play Store for them or use the apk's in the forum. At this time EntertaiNow and sbtvMobile are not available.

Like a Star @ heaven More info -->

Suspect If you have issues with the apps running smoothly, please read

Other Site Notes

Like a Star @ heaven  instagc Holiday Bonus Program - - To read more about this check out these posts from their FB page, program only applies to points earned starting October 1, 2014,

Like a Star @ heaven New instagc code released  10/31/14, please click the tab top of to get it

Like a Star @ heaven Codes for other sites are posted. Click the links at top of page or above chat box at Please inform in the chat if the codes are expired for you.

Like a Star @ heaven Gifthulk gifthulk ez-coins offers posted

Like a Star @ heaven New Gifthulk code posted 10/26/14, please click the link top of chat box to get it

Like a Star @ heaven NewIrazoo code posted 10/26/14, please click the link top of chat box to get it

Like a Star @ heaven Please browse the FORUM for more tips and tricks as well as other earning sites you may be interested in.

Like a Star @ heaven New post: Shopping rebate apps -

NEW! SBCodez MVP Poll

Vote for one user below, winner receives $5 Amazon gift card and is announced on the first of the month.
You can vote one time per week. Nominees are selected by SBCodez staff.
(We are trying this out for a couple months, if it is exploited or causes problems we will remove it immediately)

Which users was the most helpful in the chat or learned the most in October? free polls

The results are in...

It was a close race, and everyone did a great job!
Septembers winner is AVI, congratulations and thanks for all your help in the chat!!
Remember, if you are making more money than before, you are all winners  Very Happy
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Todays notes
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