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 Signup for Superpoints, and the info you need to earn!

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PostSubject: Signup for Superpoints, and the info you need to earn!   Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:08 pm

The first thing you want to do is sign up. Superpoints is invite only.  Here is a link for you to use.
Superpoints is currently only available in the USA
As of 8/25/14 Superpoints is supposed to be live in Canada

Use real info for signing up

Super Lucky Button - Click the button every day  and win superpoints. Wins are anywhere from 1 to 25,000 points. Basic members get 10 spins a day but its easy to reach Bronze level (25 spins a day) by clicking the super lucky button and opening the super lucky emails every day.

Super Lucky Emails - These emails are sent out once a day, usually every day, at random times. Open these every day, they help you gain karma, which gets you more XP, which helps you level up. You do not need to complete any offer in the emails. Just by opening the emails, you could win 50 points.

Special Offers - Currently there are five offer walls, Trial Pay, Super Rewards, Radium One and Peanut Labs and Revunue Universe. More may be added at a later time.
Click 'Get More Superpoints' from the main menu, then 'Amazing Offers'

Referrals - Superpoints is invite only and at the moment you will receive 2500 points for each of your referrals that make bronze level.

Rewards - The new Rewards Center now has all rewards listed by tier. You can find a list of rewards and some additional info here -->
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Signup for Superpoints, and the info you need to earn!
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