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 Manilla Can be found on most sites.

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PostSubject: Manilla Can be found on most sites.   Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:07 pm

Please do not use real info when doing offer.  Offer credit best in Firefox, clear cookies & cache & use new emails for best credit!
We are not responsible if the offer does not credit for you!  **** Please use outlook emails for offers to credit.


Fill out info, click agree & click the big orange sign up button.

Click Create a custom account  on the right

click the down arrow, when drop down opens, click other household.

When the box opens type in something, I chose paper.  Click create account

Click create account & do the same again.  Type in dr,  niece, bills magazine,
any 1 item you want.

Repeat 1 more time. Using any topic you would like.

Then you will have 3 accounts made.  Look to the right.  
All 3 accounts I made are listed.

Now you click link to Manilla that is under the 3 aqccounts that are made.

The first one opens that I made.  It is wedding.

Now fill it in.
When you click in due date, a box opens, pick a date, and fill in the amount and click save.

My wedding account is now linked & I am working on the next account.  Fill in the date & the amount & click Save

The next & final account opens.

Fill in date & amount & save.

You will now have this.

Click Done managing accounts. This will popup.

Click the x top right. Manilla is now done.

You MUST do every step exactly as directed, no cutting corners!
Let it sit for  15 mins.  It can take hours to credit.  
I hope this credits for you!!
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Manilla Can be found on most sites.
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