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 Home Recipe for laundry soap

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PostSubject: Home Recipe for laundry soap   Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:06 pm

Special thanks to Momto3 for this recipe for laundry soap

- washing soda one box - 3.7 pound
- empty in a large bowl or some container
- then fill that empty box with the borax because borax is a bigger box (4.12 pound) and you only need an equal amount
- bar soap-there is fels naptha made by purex and does not smell very good, and there is also zote ( if they don't want zote or fels naptha soap they can use ivory too since it also is not a lot of suds)
- about 3 days before, I used a hand cheese grater to grate the soap- so it could sit out and dry out ( be sure no one eats it-it will look like a big bowl of coconut!)

- the last step is mixing it up
**Beware it makes a lot of dust when you take the lid off the blender so stand back or don't inhale!
- I put it in my blender about a cup of grated soap and a cup of powder at a time to grind the soap up to powder consistency
- then dumped it all into a big bowl together and mixed with my hands
- used a 1/8 cup measure spoon from dollar tree that said a coffee spoon and it made 121 loads for $5.98

I also used white vinegar in the Downy ball for fabric softener and it worked great-no vinegar smell in clothes
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Home Recipe for laundry soap
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