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 How to keep your pc safe while using GPT sites.

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PostSubject: How to keep your pc safe while using GPT sites.   Fri May 04, 2012 3:02 pm

Sometimes when trying to complete a special offer you will get some nasty stuff trying to infect your computer system. these tools will make it so your pc is close to 100 percent safe from malware

Use A good Anti-Virus. List of free ones

Avast .
avira .
Panda Cloud .
bit defender.

Note: you should only have one anti-virus program on your pc at 1 time.

Use a good firewall. List of free ones

comodo Firewall .
zonealarm .
pc tools firewall plus free .
Ashampoo firewall .

Note: You should only have fire wall on your pc

Use a good antimalware program. List of free ones

malwarebytes .
Hitman Pro .
emisoft .

Keep windows up to date.

All These signature based programs are decent but not enough
in this day and age to keep your pc safe from malware. That is
why I am saving my best advise for last.

Use a free sandbox type program.

What a sandbox program does is run everything in your system in a secure isolated space on your hard drive so it can not make any permanent changes to your pc. These programs are much better then any AV because they do not need a signature to keep your pc safe.

sandboxie .
geswall .
bufferzone .

I can't speak for the other products but know that sandboxie is really really good.(never tried the other two)Everybody should be using one of these programs to protect themselfs.

Happy Earning everybody!
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How to keep your pc safe while using GPT sites.
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