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 April Quick offers to complete

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PostSubject: April Quick offers to complete   Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:46 pm

Here we are just going to tell you the wall and the offers that credit for us. We will update as we find more.

Here is a referral link if you need it. <— cantbeatfree

**You must be logged in for links to work!

***Reminder every Monday a new code is released on cbf -- we post that code and all cbf codes on sbcodez

**If you are not a CBF user, you may be able to find these offers on SB as well just check the proper wall.

* The link provided is to show you the offer, not a direct link to the offer, You must go to the appropriate wall to find the offer.

R1 = Radium 1
SR = Super Rewards
PL = Peanut Labs
PW = Payment Wall
SS = SuperSonic
CBF offers = The green CBF banner, check last 10 added & last 10 credited.
CF = CrowdFlower
SP = SponsorPay

1- Make sure you are doing the CantbeatFree Click and Search Raffle Entries 5x a day, open the offer, do a few searches & then go back & click submit. You get jackpot entires for doing this. ** NOTE if you do not do the searches, it will not credit. Go into your pending & delete it!
To get to Pending folder, click Earn Points > Browse Folders. Go in to Pending & delete & redo it & make sure you search so you get credit!

2- Qusap 2.0 Beta Test - View Video or Ad, wait for system to acknowledge your click enter capacha May complete once and hour while offer lasts

3- CBF TV Click Tv on the home page. you have to click not interested 3x to get the tv page. Then you will see this - Now you are ready to do tv! Just follow the instructions.

4- Quiz Jungle - PL Answer the questions, add you DOB & info on the next page, skip the pages, on the long lists say yes in 1 bubble, no in the rest. Keep skipping to the end. Let sit on last page to credit. You can usually get 3 of these a day to credit. 36 pts, Peanut Labs.

5- SR insurance offer, fill out the info, select 3 at the end if you have 3, I had 1 & it still credited, credits pretty fast

6- R1 credits INSTANTLY diagnosed with knee pain by a rheumatologist pick the top option for treatment (1 injection a year) Fill out info & thats it.

7- SR - invino - fill out first page

8- SR fill out first page

9- Cash Dazzle PL fill out, skip the pages, confirm email

10- PL Toluna first page submit

11- PL fill out the pages, cofirm email & complete survey. I fil pets to be the easiest & fastest.

12- CBF offers insulin injections, test 4 times a day, use bd logic meter - name address and phone number, fill out the form, thats it, let it sit.

13- SR chose the top on the list - filled out "submit case to attorney" name, email addy and said case was revoked driver's license

14- SR - just answer the questions. Credits in abt 5 mins. Leave it open.

15- Cheapflights -- CBf offer, do this everyday.

16- The amount of this offer changes on a daily basis. You can only do it 1x, SR click where it says penny stocks -->
enter your email in the box, next box click NO do not need to confirm email
credit in 15 minuste.

17- CBF sr last page, click on a project & allow the app on fb

18- Rad 1 fill out info, instant credit <-- 22 pts now or 25 pts on cbf offers.

19- easy survey on CBF radiumone 8-24 year old female has kids 4-11 years old shops at target if it kicks you out clear cookies and try again 5 mins to do 3 mins to credit

20- SR fill out info & click on a few of the quotes & let sit. Credits in abt 15 mins.

21- sr CBF around page 12

22- CBF sr last page

23- this offer is on radiumone twice, change your info the second time you do it -- just do the first page

24- easy 15 points on CBF GSN casino games

25- easy 94 points takes about an hour to credit, basically tell them you have metlife home and auto insurance and you are good

26- R1 fill out & confirm email takes abt an hour to credot.

27- R1 just click, no need to actually print. Everyone may not have this offer.

28- R1 click to like, wait for credit & unlike so you can do it again tmw if it is still available.

29- - R1 click banner & fill out (tab & arrow down key so its fast) easy credit.

30- - R1 add a grocery store card, confirm email. If you do not have a grocery store card follow this guide

31- SR Just click them and click on the links provided, it said access denied for me when I clicked on the links but 2 of them still credited. Some are crediting for others. So just click 3 links on each & you may get some to credit.

32- easy 64 points on CBF radiumone takes about 1.5 hours to credit add a card, if you don't have a card go to and register for a grocery card - how to add get a card. - If you do not have a grocery store card follow this guide

33- SR very easy, just sign up.

34- This is a fast task to do. toothpaste task on CBF CF make the yutongo acct like they tell you to, make up any project. The answers for the CF task are Take Picture & your user name & project name. Very easy It will let you submit this a few x. 20 Pts each time. Go for it!

35- -- merillat sr easy offer

36- SR Log into Facebook and Confirm (Go To) app.
Let it sit and It will credit in a few minutes.

37- easy 80 points CBF Radiumone use these answers for credit

38- 3 x 3 point offers on RO just click the Diabetic Connect logo at the top for two and Sleep connect for the other counts towards bb too!

39- R1 CBF fill out info credits in 3 mins

40- R1 fill out first page

41- easy 36 points on CBF peanutlabs just download the installer file, don't need to install Thanks to cookie monster

42- r1 fill out 2 pages, click to watch video.

43- Radiumone: Quote Wizard Fill out info, click on the results, instant credited me. Not everyone will have all the same offers. Thanks to erik
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April Quick offers to complete
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