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 March quick offers to complete

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PostSubject: March quick offers to complete   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:51 am

Here we are just going to tell you the wall and the offers that credit for us. We will update as we find more.

**You must be logged in for links to work!

***Reminder every Monday a new code is released on cbf -- we post that code and all cbf codes on sbcodez.

**If you are not a CBF user, you may be able to find these offers on SB as well just check the proper wall.

* The link provided is to show you the offer, not a direct link to the offer, You must go to the appropriate wall to find the offer.

R1 = Radium 1
SR = Super Rewards
PL = Peanut Labs
PW = Payment Wall
SS = SuperSonic
CBF offers = The green CBF banner, check last 10 added & last 10 credited.
CF = CrowdFlower
SP = SponsorPay

1- Radium 1 Check out craft supplies 1 point. (The Laptop) Click the title, then click the Michaels banner. This is a daily offer right now. Can be done about 8x a day.

2- Make sure you are doing the CantbeatFree Click and Search Raffle Entries 5x a day, open the offer & then go back & click submit. You get jackpot entires for doing this.

3- Qusap 2.0 Beta Test - View Video or Ad, wait for system to acknowledge your click enter capacha May complete once and hour while offer lasts

4- CBF TV Click Tv on the home page. you have to click not interested 3x to get the tv page. Then you will see this - Now you are ready to do tv! Just follow the instructions.

5- 80 super easy points on CBF Rad 1

6- 3 pts CBF R1 just click the like button. no need to like on fb.

7- easy 32 points on CBF just click a banner and do an email and zip submit Rad 1

8- easy 24 points on CBF super rewards

9- Super Rewards fill out info soo easy!!

10- arthritis guide 24 points back on radiumone 1st page submit

11- winter samples works well for panda research R1

12- easy offer on Radiumone, I used hotmail confirmation email arrived in like 5 mins, credits instantly

13- easy 10 points CBF Radiumone authorize twitter and credits immediately

14- Just Print 1 coupon every day - CBF offers click to print, no need to print coupon, may take a while to credit but it will.

15- Daily CPC - Cheapflights CBF offer, may take hours to credit. - repeat daily

16- CBF offers - Tempur-Pedic - Great Night Sleep - may be unavailable if you did it on R1 already.

17- easy offer CBF radiumone for 16

18- CBF offers, Invino 1st page submit.

19- easy 24 point offer on CBF super rewards

20- invino on CBF SR use a different email from the one on the CBF wall should credit

21- nuvigil last 10 added on CBF offers email and zip submit only

22- CBF SR easy offer

23- 10 point facebook offer CBF SR

24- 40 point offer on CBF SR it looks like an old home design offer I assume it credits the same

25- CBF offers Facebook Like Guacamole Easy offer!!

26- easy 80 points CBF Radiumone use these answers for credit

27- matomy CBF confirm email credit in 15 mins

28- SR wall for 38 pts - it isn't what it sounds like - it says its a mobile phone survey but its a path and credits easy make up any phone number.

28- <-- 126 sr ins offer credits in 15 mins. Fill out 2 pages, click the offters & let it sit.

29- easy offer on radiumone Just fill out page 1 & submit.

30- easy 29 points on CBF Use 7 for the frist question & none for the 2nd. Fill out the next page, then skip to the end. Credits in minutes.

31- Quiz Jungle Answer the questions, add you DOB & info on the next page, skip the pages, on the long lists say yes in 1 bubble, no in the rest. Keep skipping to the end. Let sit on last page to credit. You can usually get 3 of these a day to credit. 36 pts, Peanut Labs.

32- R1, 26 points, CBF: fill out all pages of info to the end. Select a survey to do after you confrim email. Confirm email, do the survey. This is not a survey you can get DQD from. Credits pretty quickly.

Here is a referral link if you need it. <— cantbeatfree

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PostSubject: Re: March quick offers to complete   Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:42 pm

Watch Video and Share 6 Easy Points on Radiumone

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PostSubject: Re: March quick offers to complete   Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:43 pm

Submit a new email and Zip takes about 5-10 for credit. on Radiumone

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PostSubject: Re: March quick offers to complete   Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:37 am 126 Point Offer on CBF - Super Rewards. Just fill out the info (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REAL) and click on 1 of the Insurance providers. Credits - Few Minutes
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PostSubject: Re: March quick offers to complete   

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March quick offers to complete
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