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 Search for terms and record the search results

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PostSubject: Search for terms and record the search results   Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:48 am

Search for terms and record the search results

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Special thanks to Cookie Monster and Damikk for help with these answers!

google answers:


put these four and then na for the rest

The task may or may not have any bing searches, if it doesnt just skip this, scroll down for the rest of the answers.

bing answers:

stock market outlook
on technology
on energy

part 2
you say no to the first question.
yes or no to the 2 and 3rd

In the bubbles that want numbers

select 1 or 2 it doesnt matter!

For all search results (in the url box)

There are 5 pages to this just do the same for each page. Easy points.

This task usually resets once or twice a week!

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Search for terms and record the search results
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