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 SBTV MOBILE - android style

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PostSubject: SBTV MOBILE - android style   Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:46 pm

Special Thanks to SquirtleSquad and   Swag.Worker for their help with this!

Confirmed... bluestacks  is a no no


Starting on Wednesday, May 23rd, you will no longer earn Swag Bucks for using SBTV Mobile v1. Head on over to the Android Market to update to SBTV Mobile v2

There is now an ap for your android phone/tablet.  50 sb a day to run -- continuously .... even while you sleep.
You can still do regular sbtv on your pc for 150 a day as well.
You cannot minimize the app... it stops thats why we recommend doing this while you sleep, it does kinda hijack your phone. Please read this completely.  At the bottom we hace added a link if you would like to run this on your computer.

Read all about the new sbtv for andriod here

and here --

Click this link to dl your app.

SBTV for Kindle Fire

The app is actually in the Amazon Android App Store so it can be downloaded just like any other app. Here is a direct link:

Compatibility Issues
APK Files As of July 30th 2013.  Use these when you run into incompatibility errors.  Make sure to go to androids settings and have the box to allow installation from unknown Sources checked.

SBTV Mobile 2.0
Entertainow 2.0

December 13 2013 update (Makes android version of SBTV play like iOS version does)
SBTV Mobile 3.0

January 10 2014
SBTV Mobile 3.04

January 26 2014 update
SBTV Mobile 3.0.8

January 29 2014 Update
SBTV Mobile 3.0.9

April 7 2014 update
SBTV Moilbe 3.10
Kindle Fire Instructions:

If you have the older version, remove it from your Fire (tap and hold on the app until you get a pop-up then click Remove From Device and follow instructions).  Then click the above link.    It may or may not install automatically after you click  “Get now with 1-Click” .

If it does not (or you “purchase” the app from a device other than your Fire), please follow these steps:

1- Click on Apps on your Fire.
2- Click on Cloud.
3- Click on By Recent.
4- Tap and hold on SBTV mobile app until you get a pop-up then click Install.

Its that easy, As always if you have any questions, please ask!

For the Blackberry  Playbook - please use the following link.

****   This is the original KINDLE FIRE HELP: You have to sideload the app since Amazon does not allow the Fire to access Android Market directly. But it's really easy! Link to app file[1]%281%29.apk

You need to go to Settings on your Fire. Then Device and turn Allow Installation of Applications on. Then click on the above link while on the Fire and install it.

SBTV, andriod just automatically, resets at 12:00 PST like all the other things. But the bar won't show it at first
have to play through one video first.

It fills up worth 2 points for every 5 videos.  Est time to complete is 1 - 2  hours.

The biggest benefit is that it runs all on its own and it auto continues no interaction required.
Do the comedy time videos by the way,  they're usually pretty short, and you will earn the fastest running these.

Make sure you run it on wifi especially if you don't have unlimited data and very good signal,  as it will freeze up more going off phone signal.

Also it may freeze up sometimes even on wifi, so then you need to exit out and start it again. usually won't need to do this much though.

Some days it runs straight to 50, some days i need to reset it 3-4 times, kind of random.

****You can favorite videos, especially the really short comedy ones, and run the favorites.  This may be risky as we all know sb can time stuff.  So please proceed with caution using this method.

Confirmed... bluestacks is a no no

Any questions, feel free to ask!
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SBTV MOBILE - android style

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