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PostSubject: FIND AN IMAGE ON A WEBSITE   Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:55 pm


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Thanks to Marquise, Cookie Monster, NewGuy & other unknown anonymous contributors! We appreciate your hard work providing us with these answers!

There are 10 Google searches they are getting answers from.
1) Lois Pope
2) Cydcor
3) Antoinette Rand
4) American Income Life
5) Inder Singh
6) Plymouth Auctioneering
7) Albert Scaglione
8 ) Bluegreen corporation
9) Bluegreen vacations
10) Park West Gallery

They are looking for the NUMBER of the google page that the topic is found on, and a YES/NO answer whether the picture given you is the picture found when you click the topic on the google page. I am listing all the searches that I found after doing the task about 20 times. They are listed by "key words," like Twitter. Good luck!

1) Lois Pope

Bard Rao 7-NO
Bigsight 1-Yes
Biographies 1-Yes
Businesscard 2-Yes
City College 5-Yes
Colin Powell 9-NO
Lois Pope Discusses the Colin Powell Center for Policy Studies .. page 3 no
Farmer Awarded 2-Yes
Gather 6-Yes
Heinz Award 4-NO
LIFE Center - The Miami Project 1-NO
LinkedIn 5-NO
Lois Pope (4 results) all are 2-Yes
Paralysis 2-Yes
Posterus - Filed under 'Benefits' 3-Yes
Programs Of Mrs. Lois Pope, The Lois Pope Life Foundation & LIFE 5-Yes
Roberto Cavalli 2011 Spring Collection to Benefit Gloria 9-NO
Tumblr 4-Yes
Twitter 1-Yes
Wordpress 2-Yes

2) Cydcor

Community (no additional words after) 1-NO
Community & Philandtrophic 9-Yes
Community Relations 2-Yes
Executive Team 2-Yes
Facebook 1-Yes
Glassdoor 8-Yes
History of Corporate 8-NO
Hoovers 2-Yes
Limited BusinessWeek 1-Yes
LinkedIn 1-Yes
Monster 2-Yes
Sales Steategy 8-NO
San Fernando Valley 2-Yes
Snagajob 7-Yes
Twitter 1-Yes
Welcome to 2-Yes
Westlake Village - 1, yes
Youtube 1-Yes

3) Antoinette Rand

Blog 2-Yes
BusinessCard 1-Yes
Contact 9-Yes
Cooking Forum 2-NO
Delicious 2-NO
Facebook (Rand) 1-Yes
Facebook (Rand Profile) 5-Yes
Genealogy 5-Yes
Multiply 1-Yes
Multiply - Antoinette's Blog page 3 yes
People Pond 5-NO
Resume 1-Yes
Ryze Business 1-NO
SocialURL 1-Yes
Twitter 2-Yes
Welcome to 1-Yes

4) American Income Life

AIL Information & History 1-Yes --- American Income Life | Company | AIL | Information and History of ...
AIL Ohio 2-NO
American Income Life 1-Yes --- American Income Life Giving | AIL Charitable Giving and Contributions
Bigsight 2-Yes
Charitable 2-Yes
Contact Us 2-Yes
Group & Accident Insurance 1-Yes
Jobs & Career Opportunities 1-NO
Learn about AIL 1-Yes
Michael Libassi 4-Yes
My Life at AIL 1-Yes
Twitter 2-Yes
Wikipedia 3-Yes
Wordpress Blog 1-Yes

5) Inder Singh

Analyst Cisco VP Strategy 2-Yes
CEO Interview 1-NO
Cisco (no added words behind) 1-Yes
Inderweb Dot Com 8-NO
LinkedIn 1-Yes
NRI Internet 4-NO
on about me 2- Yes
Pittsburgh Post 1-NO
Speakers 1-Yes
Web Developer Drupal5 1-NO
Wikipedia 1-Yes

6) Plymouth Auctioneering

"Plymouth Auctioneering" has 5 different answers -- NEW
The black blackground page is 1-Yes
Would You Make is 1-Yes
The Red outlined page is 2-Yes
NEW-Yellow and Blue outline is 1-NO
Blue Snow Hut picture is 2-Yes

An Interview 4-Yes
Business Card 2-NO
Cruise Art 1-NO
Home 2-Yes
Just Cruisin 2-NO
Twitter 2-Yes

7) Albert Scaglione

"Albert Scaglione" has 3 different websites: ALL are 1-Yes

Art of Community Building is 1-NO
Park West Foundation is 1-Yes

Cool Bluegreen corporation

Bluegreen Communities page 2 yes
Bluegreen Corporation: NYSE:BXG quotes & news - Google Finance page 2 no
Bluegreen Resorts | Vacation Destinations page 2 yes
Bluegreen vacation page 2 yes
Bluegreen Vacation Club | Information About Bluegreen Vacations page 1 yes
SURFRIDER BEACH CLUB - Bluegreen Corporation page 1 no
THE FOUNTAINS - Bluegreen Corporation page 2 no

9) Bluegreen vacations

Bluegreen Resorts For Timeshare | Bluegreen Corporation News page 2 yes
Bluegreen Reviews page 1 no
Family Friendly Vacation Reviews | page 2 no

10) Park West Gallery

Itzchak Tarkay | Park West Gallery page 1 no
Linda Le Kinff | Park West Gallery page 2 yes
Park West Gallery Art Auction at Sea - Netvibes page 2 yes
Park West Gallery Customer Reviews page 2 no
Park West Gallery - Art Gallery - Southfield, MI | Facebook page 2 no
Park West Gallery | Customer Service page 2 yes
Park West Gallery | Fanch (Francois) Ledan Art page 2 no
Park West Gallery | Marcus Glenn page 1 yes
Park West Gallery | Philanthropy page 2 yes
Southfield, MI | Facebook page 2 no
Park West Gallery - Warren, MI Metro, MI, 48034 - Citysearch page 3 yes
Andrew Bone 4-Yes
Art Gockel 1-NO
Artist Biographies 1-NO
Blog 1-NO
Cruise Art Auctions 4-NO
Customer Review 2-Yes
Dominic Pangborn 3-Yes
Fanch Ledan 6-NO
Linda LeKinff (picture of her) 1-Yes
Linda LeKinff (1-21 at end of search) 5-NO
Marc Chagall 3-Yes
Rembrandt Collection 3-Yes
Scott Jacobs 4-Yes
Thomas Kincade 1-NO
Tim Yanke 1-NO
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