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 Forum Tutorial

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PostSubject: Forum Tutorial   Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:07 pm

How To Use The Forum by Bobert

1. How to read and post. Register and/or sign in. You will be directed to the home page. As you can see there are all the forums available. If you click on one you will see the topics. You can read the topics by clicking on them,and to the right will be a + and - sign. You can click these to rate the posts. You can also create a topic by clicking new topic right above the list. You can write a topic by using all the tools available. This forum uses bb code. To use this you can go on this link --->
and read it. It's really not that hard and you can find helpers above where you would write a new topic. Also, we have smileys to the left hand corner. Once you finish writing a topic, you can edit it by clicking edit or delete it by clicking x. Some operations are restricted for mods and admins only. Don't be sad. Eat an ice cream bar. Very Happy

2. How to add friends or block people. You can search for a user or click on member list. Once you find a user you want to block or add you go on their profile. Click on add friend or add foe. A foe is someone who you won't see posting and can't contact you. (You can't add a mod or admin as a foe Wink ) If you go on , you can add friends or see your friend requests. It's super easy!

3. How to edit your account To edit your account you can go on this link or click on profile below the logo up above. You can change your password, gender, location, contact info, etc. (Don't say anything you wouldn't want most people to know as ANYONE can see your profile. You can edit your preferences.
This is self explanatory. You can also edit your signature. This is what will appear on every post you make unless you turn it off. See MINE below. Wink Finally, you can edit your avatar. This is basically your profile picture. Everyone will be able to see it. You can also watch topics and add favorites. If you have any other questions about forum usage click this .

The end. Good luck!
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Forum Tutorial
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