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 Forum Rules Please Read

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Please Read   Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:48 pm


1. Regardless of the rules- If Admin or a Mod asks you to stop posting what you are posting then stop. This is considered a warning.

2. Read and think BEFORE you post. It makes us mad if you ask something that is already posted.

3. No vulgar or rude comments. If it isn’t nice then don’t bother posting it in the first place. Rudeness, being pushy, etc will get you no where but with a nice long meeting with our Banhammer.

4. Do not flood/spam the Forum or you WILL be banned. We like the enter key as it is our gateway to communication but please do not overly love it!

5. You MAY NOT post any referral links, personal blogs or say "CLICK ME". This means NO ADVERTISING in the forum of any kind!!!!

6. DO NOT POST YOUR SWAGBUCKS referral link as this can get you banned from Swagbucks. DO NOT use your Swagbucks user name or email on this site either. You can/will get banned from Swagbucks.

7. Your user name MAY NOT contain any form of “Click Me”, nor your posts contain any link that leads to objectionable content (such as pornography, nudity or anything else that is inappropriate).

8. NO RICK ROLLING! You will be banned NO WARNING!!

9. You MAY NOT mention any competitor sites. Automatic BAN!

10. No impersonating anyone else. DO NOT change your name every day. You chose a name to use in the forum- that is the name you are to use. If you need to change it, please let us know. It is very important that we know who you are at all times to protect other members. Failing to follow this rule will result in a ban every time you enter the forum with a different name other than the one you normally use and we know you as.

We give two warnings, there is no third. It is a ban for X amount of time.

If you have questions about topics other than Swagbucks, please post in the appropriate area. Please use good judgement when asking questions. If you do have a valid question, concern please feel free to ask. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. We are here to help.

We like suggestions on ways to improve the site and to make it user friendly.

However, we do NOT have to change it to suit your needs/wants. We have a system that makes things easier for us AND for you. Note: The duration of any ban is entirely up to the person who banned you. A ban could last anywhere from a few minutes to forever. If you are banned, please do not ask us to unban you without a real reason to do so.

If you think you deserve to be unbanned or just need to contact us, you can do so here.

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Forum Rules Please Read
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